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(Prosthodontics) dental prosthetics


Missing teeth is more than unpleasant phenomenon, which prevents a man to function normally. As a result of the lack of teeth occurs physiognomic changes in facial expression, inability to chew, difficulty in speech, changing the position of the remaining teeth and thus change the occlusion, which are just some of the consequences of tooth loss. From all this all these changes lead to a reduction in the comfort and convenience of life. Thanks to the great progress of dental prosthetics, give you possibility to get new teeth that will serve equally well as natural teeth and their appearance will be slightly different from either of them.

Metal cone is made before a crown or bridge, in the cases of badly damaged teeth. It is installed in the root canal when necessary before cementing her perform endodontics therapy (removal of the pulp-nerve).


Metal-ceramic crowns are made in cases where it is imposed as a better functional and aesthetic solution compared to a composite (white fillings) composite or upgrade. Metal-ceramic crowns are made of metal alloys as the basis on which ceramic is applied.


Ceramic crowns are compensations of in the shape teeth that are placed over an existing tooth that is either corrupted or carious. If everything is done correctly, cosmetic crowns will look great and will not be different from natural teeth. In contrast to the metal-ceramic crowns, all-ceramic crowns and bridges are made entirely of ceramics thus avoiding the possibility of corrosion in the form of 'dark edge right' which can be a problem in the aesthetic front.

Their major advantage is precisely in that that they take place simply by brushing your teeth, but also because they have a completely natural looking teeth.


Deficiency in one or more teeth, except that significantly reduce the quality of your oral health, chewing function and speech, and seriously undermines the beauty of your smile. The consequences of missing teeth is reflected in the change of the position of the remaining teeth (which induces disorder bite), the problem in the jaw joints, increased risk of periodontal disease...

The lack of one or more teeth are successfully rehabilitated with bridges made of metal - ceramic or pure "zirconia" ceramics which have high aesthetic requirements are satisfied and functional component of natural dental string. Filling the the space of missing teeth, dental bridge preserves the integrity of existing teeth. In contrast to the dentures, bridges are cemented to the teeth trays and can not be taken out of your mouth. The process of manufacture is relatively simple and similar to making dental crowns.


Mobile prostheses (dentures which are removable)


Which patients should not create a dental bridge, but still have not lost all his teeth rehabilitate partial dentures. They may be working in combination with fixed restorations (crowns and bridges). These forms are very delicate, they are not uncomfortable to wear, and can give a good cosmetic effect.

Toothless persons, holders total mobile dentures are often faced with inconveniences such as moving or even dentures falling out during eating and speaking. Compared with the upper denture complete denture, is less stable in the mouth and often creates discomfort during wear.

Patients who have problems with the stability of complete dentures rehabilitate braces that rely on dental implants. These fees can be made in the upper, lower or both jaws.


Dentures stabilized by dental implants have the advantage over conventional complete dentures:

- Prostheses that are retained on implants do not move during speech and eating, you can eat almost what you want. Gum irritation were significantly reduced, and there is no need for the use of adhesives.

- Prostheses do not have to cover the entire palate, they are less pronounced and let you feel the flavor of food.

- Teeth in the prostheses, with it`s color and shape can perfectly imitate your natural teeth.

- Because of the inserted implants that prevent bone loss such forms are longer and better preserved facial features compared to conventional treatment with complete dentures.

- These fees give you a natural look, complete comfort and a sense of confidence in their daily lives.




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