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As much as your teeth are healthy, beautiful and white, and to make these remained, it is necessary to perform regularly download tartar and tooth polishing.

Spots and pigmentation are a common problem of modern man. They may be superficial and deep.

Surface pigmentation occur as a result the deposition of pigments in foods and beverages as well as the consequences of tobacco smoking on tooth enamel. Can be removed by various methods. Cutting edge pigmentation removal treatment is to help air-flow devices.

Removal shall be composed of a powerful jet of water pressure, air and sodium bicarbonate powder special flavored with mint.

The method is painless, efficient, and does not damage the structure of the teeth, to clean and inaccessible regions, such as the narrow spaces between the teeth and very good flavor.

Inflammation right (gingivitis) and parondotopatija that follows from it is the second most common disease of the mouth and teeth (after decay) to full mouth rehabilitation involves treatment of these diseases.

Regarding the fact that in many cases it does not cause discomfort, periodontal disease goes unnoticed by the patient-until advanced stages.

The main cause of periodontal disease are the bacteria in dental plaque (soft, whitish plaque on tooth surfaces and right). Plaque constantly forms on your teeth every day and how not removed by proper hygiene measures after a while tartar-generated ideal foundation for re-deposition of plaque. Bacterial toxins neuklonjenog plaque / tartar cause inflammation that primarily affects the gums and then the other tissues of periodontal tissues.

Gingivitis is a term used to describe inflammation of the gums. Although many causes of gingivitis, usually occurs because of bacteria and their toxins from dental plaque and tartar.

"Gingivitis" often begins in the interdental spaces, especially in the neck of the tooth if you have fillings or crowns oversized. Inflamed gums are usually red, swollen, painful and often bleed. If left untreated, the condition can go into a destructive form - periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is a disease of periodontal tissues, or tissues that connect the teeth and jaw. Periodontal disease often begins with gingivitis and in later stages of development and is characterized by appearance of redness and bleeding from the gums, gum recession, followed by the development of periodontal pockets of pus content and bad breath. Destruction of the bone and tissue around the teeth leads to tooth swaying and eventually tooth loss. In its initial stages, "periodontitis" and often do not cause diskomfor and goes unnoticed by patients - until the advanced stages of the disease. Therefore, early detection and timely treatment is extremely important for the successful outcome of disease. Periodontitis are multicausal disease, present plaque and tartar significantly accelerate the development of disease and the destruction of the supporting tissues of the teeth.

Treatment of periodontal disease

Treatment of the patient support tissue of teeth involves removing plaque from the teeth of pathological ie. supragingival plaque formation in the region, calculi from subgingivalnog region, pigmentation and other sediments using ultrasound device, basic therapy parodontopatije.U case we need to decide on surgical treatment of diseases, with modern materials to regenerate bone and other parts of the supporting tissues of the teeth. Be sure you will be trained on how to properly maintain your oral hygiene.





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