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No matter how old are you, orthodontics can help you!


The road to a perfect smile using orthodontic treatment is long, but it's definitely worth the patience. Changed the position of the teeth, the appearance of anxiety in the dental arch, malocclusion and improper bite, not only the aesthetic shortcomings, but also frequent causes of caries, periodontal disease, compromised nutrition, speech ...


The result is an amazing, remarkable aesthetic effect - one of the most common reasons why patients opt for this kind of treatment.


When to start orthodontic treatment?


Bearing in mind that the jaw of children and teens are still developing, easier to move teeth, orthodontic treatments were made in these age groups are all the more easier. It is advisable to start with correcting teeth still in childhood, after the eruption of the first permanent molars and incisors (permanent teeth), when the evaluation (including therapy itself) orthodontic problems is also the simplest. An early treatment regulates the growth of jaws and teeth, providing space for the permanent teeth, thus removing possible subsequent extraction of permanent teeth, eliminates problems eating and speaking. In other words, early treatment can help in later correction.


Of course, with the help of orthodontic care as effectively can prosper and adult patients with a prior history of periodontal or surgical preparation.


First visit


During your first visit, through conversation and providing basic information, we get to know you and your child to the possibilities of orthodontic treatment. Based on clinical examination and additional rtg analysis, discuss with you about the problem and potential treatment options that are responsive to the health needs and aesthetic.


Duration of treatment


In most cases, treatment takes 1 to 3 years, depending on the patient's age, growth rate of face and jaw, or severity of the problem, and early treatment are shorter - from a few to six months.


During the course of orthodontic treatment to you to follow our instructions, oral hygiene and diet, along with periodic follow-up visits required.





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