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Oral surgery


A brief description of the most common services in our Dental clinic


Extraction of wisdom tooth - The most common oral surgery procedure that solves the problem of impacted (unerupted) and impacted wisdom teeth.


What prevents most wisdom teeth to erupt normally a shortage of places in the jaw, or the lack of incentives for teething. Impacted wisdom teeth can create serious problems in the jaw, ear or on the adjacent tooth. Wisdom teeth need to be taken out by surgery if they can not grow it, because otherwise it can happen to wander wisdom tooth in the jaw, sinus, or to take out a healthy tooth to find yourself a place.


Symptoms of wisdom teeth growth:

- swelling in the jaw, the cheek or neck

- Pain when opening mouth

- Bad breath

- Impaired sense of taste

- Pain when chewing


Apicoectomy - surgical procedure that removes the pathological content (cyst or granuloma) of bone and tooth tip area, together with part of the root tip. These oral surgery procedures are performed after all the possibilities of conservative treatment of root canals, and inflammation (granuloma or cyst) is still present, and when was the last way to save the tooth.


Frenectomy - removal of abnormally developed frenulum incision, excision or transposition of tissue in the area of the frenulum.


Leveling the reef - the procedure that solves irregularities ridge in the upper and lower jaw.


Gingivoplastic - aims to correct asymmetry of the gingiva around the tooth necks.


A few useful advices for patients:


After tooth extraction:

- Avoid taking hot food and hot drinks

- Do not rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solvents or teas

- Brush your teeth as usual

- Take pain medication in consultation with the dentist;


In principle, one should avoid painkillers containing acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin, Andol, Midol, etc.).


After surgical removal of impacted wisdom tooth:

- Follow the instructions for the behavior after a routine tooth extraction

- In the first 6 hours after inteventions hold on the cheek cold compresses - ice wrapped in a towel, for 10 minutes, followed by a break of 10 minutes

- Antibiotics and painkillers just take in consultation with the dentist.


After removing the teeth, especially after extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, there may be a disruption in the extraction wound healing - alveolitis. This complication is accompanied by intense pain, which responds poorly to pain medication and requires treatment by a dentist. If you have pain on the third day after the tooth extraction, or the period immediately after extraction proceeded pain, the pain occurs the second or third day after the procedure, contact your dentist.


After other surgical procedures in the mouth
(apicoectomy, gum surgery, implant placement procedure ...):

- Avoid taking hot food and hot drinks

- From your dentist you will receive detailed instructions how to maintain oral hygiene. Using a toothbrush in a region that has been underwent surgery is usually not desirable. Instead, the region operated washing antiseptic solvents, solely at the direction of dentists.

- In the first 6 hours after intervention from the outside to keep cold compresses - ice wrapped in a towel, for 10 minutes, followed by a break of 10 minutes

- Antibiotics and painkillers just take in consultation with the dentist.




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