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Endodontics and dental disease


Caries removal and treatment of infected dental pulp (endodontics) is to preserve the functional features of the tooth and restoring them if there was a violation of their. The main goal of treatment, in addition to restitution of functional values of the tooth, is the achievement of the natural aesthetics of the tooth. For these reasons we use the latest dental techniques and materials that help us achieve the best results.



Dental caries can spread very quickly and overtakes the other teeth, in addition to causing a toothache and they're not pretty, they become the source of many diseases. It is the most common cause of pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp-nerve). Pulpitis symptoms are different depending on the type, and the patient can be described as spontaneous, sharp, stabbing pain, extreme sensitivity to cold and external stimuli, and sometimes as an nondurable pulsating nocturnal (pecking) pain, to which the disease has a chronic course with no symptoms or with a blunt pain. If they are left untreated these diseases can progress to necrosis or gangrene of teeth in later stages when it can be affected supporting tissues of the teeth (alveolar bone, periodontal, cementum) which leads to the formation of an abscess tooth.


Endodontic treatment of the pulp comes down to its extraction, cleaning the infected root canal until the conditions for root canal obturation teeth and finally functional and aesthetic training tooth filling.




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