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Children's and Preventive Dentistry


The first dental visit should be done before the first birthday (usually between 6 months to a year).

Early examination and preventive care are important to protect your child's smile.

The most important reason for the visit is the prevention of early childhood caries (caries of deciduous teeth).

Early childhood caries (caries of deciduous teeth) can be caused by taking food from a bottle at night or during sleep, and continuous breastfeeding. Occurs when the juice, artificial milk, regular milk and breast milk or other liquid that contains carbohydrates remains on the teeth for a longer period.

The sooner a child visit the dentist, the better the chance of preventing dental problems. Also, your child will begin to acquire earlier good oral hygiene habits.


Breaking of teeth

During the outbreak of primary (milk) teeth, your child's gums may be swollen and sore. It usually occurs between 6 months and 3 years of age.

In such cases it is helpful for children to chew on a rubber ring, cool spoon or a wet rag.


Prevention of dental caries in your child

Your child should begin to drink from a cup before the first birthday (or possibly 12 to 14 months old). Children should not fall asleep with a bottle. You should avoid breastfeeding at night when outbreaks first primary (milk) teeth.

Then, you should avoid drinking juice from a bottle. If you do not already drink, you would have to make the glasses.


Cleaning your child's teeth

Your child's teeth can be cleaned for children (soft) toothbrush and water. Kids toothpaste without fluoride can be used to train your child to 2 or three years.

Toothpaste with fluoride is not recommended until your child learns to spit and when there is no danger of swallowing toothpaste.


Modern prophylaxis (prevention of dental caries)

The future will be all cavities smaller due to its simple prophylaxis, which is more accessible.

Earlier prophylaxis meant local application gels with high concentrations of fluorine or fluorine enter systemic oral what is now increasingly used because modern research in dentistry, this method of prophylaxis is considered invasive.

The local application of modern fall for the remineralization of tooth enamel allows the selective reinforcement of risk for dental caries in a row and avoid the possibility of fluoride intoxication, especially when the patients are children.

Availability of fluoride toothpaste is higher. These pastes are available in two forms,

  • intended for home use (Moose Tooth by GC)
  • Professional guide (MI Paste and MI Paste Plus, by GC).



GC Tooth Mousse

Paste for remineralization of tooth enamel

Bioavailable calcium and fosfatRemineralizujuća Dental Cream sugar containing Recaldent ™ CPP-ACP

Features and benefits

  • Provides Recaldent ™ casein phosphopeptide - amorphous calcium phosphate
  • Prevention of enamel demineralization and remineralization encourages
  • Reduces hypersensitivity closing open dentinal tubules
  • Prevents initial caries due anticariogenic properties
  • Stops white spot lesions


  • Provides extra protection for teeth in acid attack
  • For patients who have a low to medium risk of caries
  • During and / or after orthodontic treatment
  • To eliminate ypersensitivity before and after teeth whitening and after procedures such as scraping or cleaning the root
  • For pregnant women and children under six years

Patients at high risk of caries due to a variety of systemic diseases (diabetes, etc.), reduced saliva secretion, chemo and radiotherapy, during and after orthodontic treatment, after bleaching, patients who breathe through the mouth, as well as in patients with a specific compelling need.

 GC MI Paste Plus

Manufacturer: GC Europe
Pasta with bio-available calcium, phosphate and fluoride
Bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride
Remineralizujuća Dental Cream sugar containing Recaldent ™ CPP-ACP and fluoride.

Features and benefits

  • All the benefits of Tooth Mousse cream, with 900 ppm of a unique, patented form of fluoride
  • Reduces plaque pH changes
  • Prevents adhesion and proliferation of Streptococcus mutans and sobrinus
  • remineralised early enamel lesions and makes enamel more resistant
  • It balances the transfer and enamel fluoride intake over


  • During and / or after orthodontic treatment, especially the white spots
  • For patients with medium or high susceptibility to caries in need of assistance due to very poor plaque control
  • For patients who suffer from acidic oral environment, erosion and gastric reflux
  • For pregnant women

The pastes are available in our dental office where you can get additional information on the benefits of prophylactic best you can afford and your family.



Dental Practice MODENT with the “škola roditeljstva” (school of parenting) advises ...


Modern dentistry in parenthood

It is a general misconception that pregnancy dental treatments are not allowed. On the contrary, any infection of the mouth acts as a focus that can damage the immune system of pregnant women. The only treatment is avoided, especially in the first trimester is the removal of amalgam fillings, because it leads to the release of mercury, which is toxic.

Another misconception is that pregnancy can lead to tooth decay due to the mobilization of calcium from the enamel. Calcium can be mobilized, but only from the bones, so that for every increase in caries should be charged frequent meals and sugar enter and increase in acidity in the mouth that occurs during pregnancy vomiting. The increase in estrogen in saliva leads to a buildup of bacteria that lead to bleeding gums and periodontal disease progress.

Exclusively proper hygiene and proper nutrition will enable continuity of oral health in pregnant women and in children.

Time to Educate on how to clean the baby, how to prevent bad habits, what to do in case of violation of the mouth and teeth, what to expect when it comes to milk teeth and their replacement. All information can be obtained at a lecture in which he explained the importance of parenting in modern dentistry.


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