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Dental tourism

Patients from abroad are welcome in our office.

Guests of Belgrade MODENT provides all types of dental services in the shortest possible time. Highlights are a high quality service, by world standards, which were up 70% compared to the same treatment in the countries of Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia ...

We use the most advanced Dental Materials and treatment methods.

Our team of highly trained professionals will try to respond to all requests.

Office staff speaks English, and if necessary it is possible that during the review and intervention is present and translator of Russian, German, Italian, Spanish or French.

MODENT allows you to manage the complete package, from airline tickets, hotel accommodation and transport services Nevski in Belgrade, as well as entertainment and tourist sightseeing as long as your stay.

Nevski, which provides our patients the benefits.

The hotel is located in the center of Belgrade, near the city's major sites like Skadarlija Knez Mihajlova Street and Kalemegdan. The idea was to give the modern traveler guests comfortable and well-equipped hotel in the city center convenient for quickly and easily perform tasks as well as tours of the city's attractions.

Scheduling can be done via e-mail or telephone. To help you make an approximate treatment plan before you come to us, it would be desirable to us via e-mail and send it to the goal you want to achieve and ortopan clip (ortopantomografy X-Ray) to our doctors were able to give information close to their about opportunities for work, as well as the time needed surgery cost.

Our e-mail addresses and phone numbers can be found on the contact page.


We are open for your questions and we try to as soon as possible to get a response.

While you are guests of our clinic suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the beauty of our city and country.

MODENT Specialist Dental Practice is located in the central part of the city which allows you to easily find us.

Specialist Dental Practice MODENT also allows you an invoice for the work performed on the basis of which it is possible to refund the cost of your home country.




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Tram lines: 19, 21, 22, 29
Minibus lines: E1

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