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With the aim to promote and improve occupational medicine, is of great importance to the implementation of a reliable and efficient sterilization, in order to protect patients and medical staff from many illnesses caused by non-hygienic. There is of course the biggest industry, which has the responsibility to produce adequate equipment requirements of today and to provide maximum protection and performance in medicine and dentistry.

DToday there are more than 100 manufacturers worldwide sterilizer for medical and dental practice, MELAG is the only in the world to focus exclusively on a single product line - producing sterilizers. This concept is the basis of competence, which from its inception through international success, continually tested and confirmed.

- MELAG unit for cleaning and disinfection of instruments with drying

Complete cleaning of instruments is done automatically, machine wash with disinfectant which instruments are disinfected, cleaned, rinsed and dried in an orderly and expeditious manner.




- MELAG packing machine

Washed instruments are packed in individual foil sterile instruments that maintain a minimum of 6 months.

Melag seal 100+

So packed instruments go to final sterilization by autoclaving



- Melag autoclave class B Melag Vacuklav 24B +

TO HIGHEST CLASS AUTOCLAVE - Class "B" - very new Advanced Pro class autoclave.








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