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Dental room II


- Workplace Anthos, Class A9 - Choice without compromise.

Complete integrated center for dental treatment easily adapts to different ways of working.
It features automatic self-cleaning system after each intervention.
Hygiene of chairs provide maximum health care for both patients and staff.
What makes this chair special, especially for the patient is almost as quiet when operating the turbine.





- Intraoral camera

The camera used by the dentist during the review to enable the patient to be informed on the status of the oral cavity and to be an active participant in the dental procedure.
Dentist helps increasing the objects on the screen when viewing or intervention


- MyRay digital x-ray dental imaging

Brand MyRay belongs Cefla Dental Group, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of dental equipment is present worldwide.

In the late 90th `MyRay began the development of digital radiology. Today's innovative product range is designed for the field of dentistry and designed to meet the needs of dental professionals in terms of simplicity and performance.




- KaVo Turbine

This turbine has everything put in front of all KaVo!

Quietest turbines up to now, no vibrations!






  • Improved Compact Model Easyshade
  • Digital color measurement is compared to the usual "approximately" determining color features significantly greater security setting - and with much less expenditure of time.
  • Completely independent of external influences, eg. of light environments, the dominant color of the natural tooth can be reliably determined in a second.
  • Precisely defined measurement data and software VITA ShadeAssist allow precise communication between dentists and dental technicians, and leave no room for confusion. Therefore, the error rate is significantly lower in playback, all the while saving time, demanding corrections or re-construction.









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